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3 years ago
Unveiling of The Genteel

Hi all, 

You’ll notice a slight hiatus on Geeky Chic. This is because i’ve been busy with the production and editorial line up for The Genteel, my new online fashion magazine to be launched on September 20th. A little about The Genteel for those of you who are new to the idea. 

The Genteel is bringing something fresh to fashion publication. We’re all about bringing quality fashion journalism to our readers through an international lens of business, culture, society and design. We are global in scale, reporting from the ground-up, beyond the fashion hubs of Paris, New York, London and Milan. We (as writers, readers, fashion enthusiasts, life-long learners and engaged citizens) would love to find and read content of this depth and subject matter, and we strongly believe there are readers and writers who feel the same. What does this mean for this blog? Well, it will eventually dissolve. Good news is we are bringing it with us to The Genteel as a street style column. I am heading up The Genteel as Editor-in-Chief, and Irene Kim, my business partner, as Editor-at-Large

Since we are a global magazine, not only are we looking for international writers, but local writers who want to scale their repertoire. We’re are also about stories that discuss fashion in various contexts across cities. In addition, part of our vision is to be a platform from which writers can build their brand and profile. 

Anyone who is interesting in joining our growing network of foreign correspondants can e-mail contribute@thegenteel.com. Please send us your storie ideas and pitches. We’d love to hear from you. 

Otherwise, see you on September 20th! 

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