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3 years ago
Toronto Street Style: A Saga of Girl Crushes

Like Mona, I have had my share of girl crushes before, but have you ever had a family crush? You know, where you have had to think twice about breaking-up with an ex because you would have missed his/her kin? Melissa and I spotted Stefanie and her family (mother, father, aunt and uncle) taking a stroll on a hot Sunday afternoon in Toronto. We started chatting, and as it turns out, all are involved in the arts in one way or another - actors, interior designers, screenwriters.They were all very warm, the ladies very fashionable (sorry dad!) and also very supportive of our upcoming magazine, The Genteel!

Naturally, creative expression runs through Stefanie’s veins – she studies fashion design, shuffling between Toronto and Paris to learn and develop her craft. She looked positively angelic in a radiant summer white dress, with a chic gamine cut to match! Her pop of colour a la clutch and scarf completed her look perfectly. Stefanie, I am looking forward to following your work!

Writing by Irene Kim, photos by Melissa Sung


The Goods: 

Dress, Line
Shoes, Aldo (not shown)
Bag, Louis Vuitton
Scarf, Ted Baker
Sunglasses, Ray-ban

3 years ago
New York and Toronto Street Style: Summer Delicates

White on white is definitely a colour matching situation that is hard to pull off, at least in my books. Safer circumstances in which women can go full on white is typically in the summertime and even then you’d be hard pressed to find an outfit that does not look tacky. Not in this case, not even close. Both Angela and Irene look spectacular in white. 

The linen shorts on Angela (above) and Irene are incredibly summer chic, and this is a measurable attribute, people. Amidst the scorching heat we seem to be enduring, these shirts and knitted shorts make their owners look breezy and comfortable next to their hot and bothered neighbours. The cool (pun intended) trick to both Angela and Irene’s white outfits is they feel delicate, but their materials, which are made of heavier fibres, feel comfortable and practical at the same time. Notice how both their tops have longer sleeves! And the only glisten to be had is of the variety that seeps from their style. White, comfortable outfits are in full throttle here, and I need an encore.

Photo credit: Irene Kim


The Goods: 


Shirt, The Gap

Shorts, Club Monaco

Shoes, H&M

Bag, Aldo

Dog, King Charles Cavalier (my favourite!) named Finn


Cable knit shirt, Banana Republic

Shorts, Club Monaco

Shoes, Marc Jacobs

Bag, Gucci

Sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

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