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3 years ago
The Genteel is launched!!

It is with great pleasure and tremendous excitement that we announce the launch of our online fashion and design magazine, The Genteel ( ). It’s almost hard to believe we’re finally here. We have come a very long way in such a short amount of time. My partner, Irene, and I have worked very hard to create a product that is founded on our deep passion for fashion, journalism and life! And here we are, curtains drawn back. We could not be more thrilled and proud of our baby. 

This online magazine is the definitive source for informed men and women such as yourselves, who desire global, in-depth, and intelligent stories on fashion and design. 

We could not have done it alone. Our global team of contributors shape The Genteel. On a daily basis, the publication dispatches thought-provoking and insightful articles from the streets of Oslo, Toronto, Beirut, Moscow, United Arab Emirates, Seoul and beyond. Today a contributor from Tokyo joins us! 

I always said that The Genteel is to be viewed as a fashionable “
Economist” publication. Our daily bulletin includes stories told through the lens of Business, Culture, Society, Design, Best Kept Secrets, Commentary and Street Style. 

At this point I invite you to visit The Genteel [ ] and enjoy a new perspective on global fashion and design. We also encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @thegenteel as we will be promoting stories as they come in. 

Sincerely yours, 

Mona Chammas 
Editor-in-Chief, The Genteel

3 years ago
On turning 30: A tipping point

Today I turned 30, and while I’ve knowingly beaten that fact into most of your heads, it’s a monumental age for me for so many reasons. When I was but a youngling I would often gaze out the window of my overly cramped and tiny school bus wondering what it would be like to be 30. I also had this provoking sensation that I was meant to do something tremendous. I felt different as a child, and obviously I didn’t know what that meant at the time or what it would translate to. All I knew is that I did that weird thing in the bus when I would just shut you out, peer out and wonder about my life. I guess that’s not such an uncommon thing to do when you’re a kid who’s insanely introverted. Nevertheless, I felt different and at times was labeled weird, which in retrospect is a compliment.

Little did I know when I was 11 or so that whatever that feeling of being different was would ALL unfold in my 20s. In light of this, I’d like to dedicate some time to virtually pen an ode to my 20s.  Oh, 20s. You have been so harsh and so kind. You gave me my first experience away from my parents, far, FAR away at 21. You made an independent out of me. You outed me to my family at 22. You gave me my first, honest relationship the same year. It ended in turmoil. The next one ended similarly, and so did the one after that. Good times! You also taught me to love deeply for the first time, and so on. You made me move to 4 different cities across oceans, on my own, and to move homes 8 times.  You taught me to get far, very quickly. I got hired a WHOLE bunch of times, and got fired once. You taught me to follow my dreams, by starting a business, which brings me passion and happiness beyond what I thought would be the case when I was 11, contemplating 30.

Want to know why else turning 30 is momentous? I’ll tell you. When I was 11, I was petrified of my father. Those of you who grew up with me in that sleepy island of Cyprus know how scary he was when he would yell at us from within his bedroom that overlooked the pool, where we would jump and splash around, for disturbing his daily siesta. At 20 I was distant from him, and he from me.  There was love for sure, but distance undoubtedly. I remember one day in my early 20s I made fun of my father for sticking to archaic ways of running his publishing business. I wanted him to go digital, and he just didn’t get it. So what he proposed instead was for me to run his publishing house using technology to evolve and innovate. How do you think I responded to that proposition? Yep, I dismissed the idea before it could settle. My father always peppered in the notion of me becoming a journalist when I was younger. I said no. He offered me his publishing company based on in depth reporting on oil economy and country risk profiling in the Middle East. I said, hell no! And now, my friends, I am 30. My father and I have never been this close. I am also the owner and CEO of a publishing company. I am the Editor-in-Chief of a global online fashion magazine to be launched late September. Have I come full circle? Perhaps. What I do know is I ran away from something my father put in front of me for 28 years, until that one pivotal year in which I yielded. In fact, I came to what seemed most natural to me on my very own, in my very own way. I’ve never felt more connected to my Dad even though we don’t speak regularly.  You know what? I’ve never felt more connected to myself.

So, yes, turning 30 is momentous and I plan on milking it for as much as it’s worth. Here’s to an epic 30 years ahead! I truly love and cherish all who have supported me on my journey to get here.



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